• This pack of coasters contains 1 each of my winter birds series.


    Blue Jay - This Cheeky Blue Jay is irresistible! So pretty and full of character he was a joy to paint!


    Cardinal - With shades of red you can’t take your eyes off, the male cardinals plumage is breathtaking in winter’s snowy backyards! And, seeing a cardinal in a dream or vision is usually a good omen!


    Chickadee - This little chickadee was so appealing I just had to paint him! I added a bit of snow to the branch and pine cone to give it that wintery, Christmas feel.


    Downy Woodpecker - This sweet little Downy Woodpecker is the smallest and perhaps the most familiar of the Woodpeckers in Canada.


    Four rubber coasters in each pack printed with images from my original paintings make for a beautiful gift idea for friends and family, and why not for yourself!  They are durable, waterproof and made in Nova Scotia!  They come in packs of mixed images or packs of single images.


    Each coaster is approximately 4" x 4" in size.

    Winter Birds Collection (Coasters)


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