• Red Barn:

    This Festive Red Barn looks so pretty all decorated for its furry inhabitants, I’m sure they’re all cozy inside on this wintery day! 


    Winter Sleigh Ride:

    Picture this - snow gently falling, a ride through the sugar woods on a horse drawn sleigh, the only sounds are of the horse’s breath, the rattle of his harness, and each hoof as he makes his way through the fresh snow, the sight of a cozy sugar shack welcomes you inside, the smell and taste of pancakes and maple syrup!  Winter’s not so bad!


    Four rubber coasters in each pack printed with images from my original paintings make for a beautiful gift idea for friends and family, and why not for yourself!  They are durable, waterproof and made in Nova Scotia!  They come in packs of mixed images or packs of single images.


    Each coaster is approximately 4" x 4" in size.

    Festive Red Barn & Winter Sleigh Ride (Coasters)


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