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A "Classy" Contender

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always loved horses.  Indeed, horses have been a major part of my life, for most of my life.  I've owned and cared for horses for almost forty years!

A few years ago a friend of a friend offered their older appaloosa mare to me for free.  Not wanting to 'look a gift horse in the mouth', we agreed.  We had to build a stable and fence the field before she could move in but this all happened and the day finally came when Classy became part of our family.

As you can see from her picture here, she was a leopard appaloosa with brown spots on her body and black and brown spots on her legs.  She had very good manners and a beautiful personality.  We soon became best friends!

Sadly, her time with us was limited, just a year later we were devastated  when she passed away suddenly.  I miss her so much, even today, almost 3 years later.

I felt I needed to keep her close so decided to paint my beautiful girl, quite the challenge with all those spots!  It took me quite a while as each time I tried it was hard on my heart to think of her, but earlier this year I finished it! 

Just over a week ago I had the notion that I would enter the painting into the Provincial Exhibition in Truro, N.S.  So we rushed down on Monday afternoon to the exhibition grounds to deliver the painting and collect my ticket ID ready for collection at the end of the exhibition. We had a busy week ahead of us and didn't manage to get down to the actual exhibition itself. All I knew was that I had to pick it up on Sunday night.

Sunday evening arrived, the exhibition ground was a hive activity with everyone collecting something from goats and sheep to jars of jam and beautiful hooked rugs.

I stood in line eager to pick up my girl and get home again, when Natalie, the lovely lady coordinating this part of the event brought my painting over to me congratulating me as she handed it over.  I was surprised to see there was a red first prize ribbon attached to it and a colourful Grand Champion rosette!  She then handed me an envelope with prize money adding to my sudden onset of joy and emotion!  Wow, I thought, and couldn't wait to get back to the truck to see Dean with the news!  I haven't stopped smiling ever since:)

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