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First Craft Sale of 2019

Hi everyone,

This last year has been one filled with non-stop creating and promoting with our attention focused on building our art business up. This year we want to focus more on branding and promoting the business on social media, which has brought us to where we are today. This short time lapse video gives you an idea of a typical weekend day when we head out to one of the craft shows. This one happens to be our first one of 2019. Later videos will show more of the process of getting from home to setting up to the show to getting home. This was our first attempt at a video like this. We used our new Vantrue N1 Pro dashcam for the driving part of the video.

A typical morning starts with a very early rise, around 5a.m. for this one, a quick protein smoothie for breakfast, load the truck and we're on our way. The video shows our drive down to Cole Harbour Place in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in time lapse which was around one and a half hours in real time. The drive down was pretty good although we hit some wet snow about a half hour before our destination. Upon arrival around 8:10 and still snowing, we had to wait as the venue wasn't open for us until 8:30, then, it's all go as soon as the doors open for the vendors to get themselves set up ready for doors open to the public at 10a.m.

We were expecting a 6ft table and was really pleasantly surprised to find we had an 8ft table which makes a lot of difference when you have so much product to display, and with that extra length came extra wall space, which, had we have known we could have brought our third section of wall grid for displaying original paintings and framed prints. It still worked out good for us, there was plenty of room to maneuver and we were happy with the final display. We had a great day there, met some really nice people and managed to make some connections. Meeting people face to face at these events has really helped me personally to build some confidence in talking with the public. Check out the little 1 minute ish video below.

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