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A peek into my studio

First of all, my sincere apologies for the lack of blog posts in the last year! I can only say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has continued to follow me on this artist roller coaster that has led us to the start of a YouTube channel and my first ever appearance on the world wide web, eeeek!!

Albeit a very short appearance, it nevertheless came with a great amount of self inflicted stress over what to say, how to do it and what should I wear! Since you can only see my head I could have done it in the nude! But I didn’t, I swear! I must have recorded it twenty times over before I could actually say, ok let’s put it on. I’m not very brave or photogenic but here goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Last year as many of you know, we spent a good deal of time coming up with new products to show my artwork on, from coasters, magnets and key chains to mugs and cotton tote bags. We also attended as many markets as we could in an attempt to reach more people. In amongst all of that we completely finished a room in the basement to use as a studio workspace. Somewhere with enough room for me to spread out, I need a lot of stuff you know! The room turned out great. I love painting in this space. Just like the quote on my website home page states: Art is the only way you can run away without leaving home! (Twyla Tharp). This is so true! When I start painting here, I lose all track of time. Check out the video and help me along with a like and a share and even subscribe for more future videos!

Do you have a hobby or favourite thing you like to do that gives you peace and tranquility?

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