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A Little Gem

Hi again

Recently, in some of my paintings, I have focused on our local area and in particular some subjects that once led or indeed still do lead the way in our rural economy. I've wanted to feel part of this community having 'come from away', and learn a little more about their history. We preserve parts of our physical world to show forthcoming generations how life used to be, however, one day these things may be gone, so capturing them on canvas is my way of holding on to them.

This painting is of the historic Train Station Inn in Tatamagouche. Built in 1887 and destined for demolition in 1973 after the last passenger service, it was purchased by Jimmie and lovingly restored to become one of the north shores tourist attractions. It now offers accommodations in restored cabooses and boxcars, and fine dining in the passenger car. Read all about this amazing story on their website.

Hope you enjoy the video of how this painting came to life.

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